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Spring brings new ideas

Apparently being trapped in the house for hours on end makes me complacent. Yesterday we spent some time walking through one of the many preserves in our area. While walking we started talking about what dogs like. Always talking about our business is a necessary evil when you are a small business owning family. Here were our conclusions: 1. Dogs like to be challenged. - Not defeated, but challenged so that they have a chance to try. 2. Dogs LOVE to sniff things. All things, good and gross. 3. Dogs love to be with people (most dogs, some could care less). 4. Dogs love working. Rufus refused to walk nice, until Lulu made it work. Then he was all over it. 5. Our dogs, those we take car

Time for some changes

I know. It seems that we have redone the lobby a few times. I said something to a customer about this and her response was comforting. She said simply "you are growing". We are. And with that comes growing pains. We are always concerned our changes will appear that we are unorganized, but to be truthful that is usually what drives us to make changes. Needing more room for our clients to have room to move around. Having more room for boarding customers during peak times was important. So we changed things up over the holidays. Then it was time for an influx of play customers for the colder days, so w e moved forms to the front and stopped doing assessments for a time. Well, that's o

It's not only about the dogs

In the morning we review the schedule of dogs that are coming in for the day. We see the familiar names, and the new ones co-mingling on the screen. But sometimes, there is one or two missing. Familiar faces that were there two or three times per week for the last few months, or longer, that aren't showing on our schedule. We tuck the information away and then we wonder. And then, because I am human and I love people AND animals, I worry. First, I worry that we did something to offend or upset someone. Second, I worry that people decided that there dog didn't need day care or play time and stopped coming (they do!). Third, I worry about the dogs health. Finally, I am concerned for th

The views in this blog are my own.  If a source was used, it will be cited. Otherwise its all my opinions.

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