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On November 14th we celebrated 4 years after signing the lease at 3105 Theodore Street. It was the scariest day, as we basically said this: "Make a place that we would be comfortable taking our dogs to. Provide structure, playtime, manners and lots of love to other peoples dogs while they went about their days. We would treat all of #yourslikeours." I didn't add that I would take 19,000 pictures, fall in love with new breeds, meet so many people that would impact not only my life but that of my family and my kids, I would get into rescue, foster (and fail), lose one of our own, cry over dogs moving, or passing away and basically give up everything we ever knew to this new life of ours. Ha

The views in this blog are my own.  If a source was used, it will be cited. Otherwise its all my opinions.

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