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Oh Poop! Tis' the Season

Going for a walk is a great source of fun and enrichment for your dog. Families are heading out for camping weekends and taking their dog with them to enjoy the great outdoors. Ahhh, fresh air, lakes, ponds, walking in the woods....ahh ticks, parasites, mosquitos, standing water, fresh smells that equal poop! It is this time of the year that we see many dogs with intestinal issues and frequent stomach upset including diarrhea. You may get a friendly note that your dog has loose stool, or stool that doesn't look quite right. I see more poop than many. We see poop all day - so we know what your dogs poop looks like. Yep - poop investigations happen daily. Loose stool isn't always a caus

Need a Little Help From Our Friends

When I was 20 something I lived alone, for the first time ever, in the big city of Chicago. My apartment was 400 square feet- total. That included the bathroom, closet and the kitchen. It was lonely. I came home from a stressful new job to a lonely little apartment and listened to the silence that was this 'new life'. Someone suggested I check out Anti-Cruelty on my way home from work to see about a cat. Seemed like a great idea, so I did and I found what would be my most loyal friend for the next 17 years. My grandmother went with me to pick her up and she also assisted in the fee for my new little baby, Tequilla Monster, a pitch black kitten with major attitude. Tequi was my constant

The views in this blog are my own.  If a source was used, it will be cited. Otherwise its all my opinions.

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