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Bark, Bark, Barky Bark...

"Stop Barking, be quiet, shhh." Barking. It's a thing that most dogs do. If your dog doesn't bark, well, then you might want to skip this one. But for those of you with barking dogs, read on. So we have a saying at BrightDogs, we DO NOT chastise the bark, but we do encourage them to wrap it up. Immediately yelling at a dog to stop barking or growling isn't a good idea. Now I do realize that an excessive barker can drive you crazy, believe me, but this is how a dog communicates. Not only to you, but to other dogs. Sometimes it's to say "Hey, I am over here, look at me, don't freak out. I'm a dog too." They may also be warning the other dog to stay away from their people or their prop

Just Like Kids

Many people ask why we do assessments. The answer is usually so that we can see the dog in our environment and see how they will do. We also take the opportunity to see how the dog like us as humans. This is obviously important since they will also be spending time with us as well. We take the time pet and talk to the dog. We do a full body touch test, which allows us to be sure that there are no areas of your dog that he/she doesn't like to be touched. This is key when dealing with dogs in a social situation. If your dog doesn't like his ears being touched, we want to avoid that, not only by us, but by other dogs as well. We always want a positive experience for every dog. We also w

2018 Recap

When you start a business you have expectations. You have a vision for what you want and you (usually) have a path to get there. Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. Sometimes you don't plan for what is happening but what you wanted to happen. This business we are in, the business of dogs, is an ever changing, ever evolving, breathing entity. Try as we might, we cannot always prepare for what each day will bring. I'm not going to lie, that makes it a very exciting and invigorating career choice. But it also makes it tough to prepare and plan each day. We are in a growing phase ALWAYS. Which is great and allows us to make changes to our day to day process. We recently added a new sof

The views in this blog are my own.  If a source was used, it will be cited. Otherwise its all my opinions.

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