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Reviewing yourself

"I haven’t written a review before now but I have to today. My 3 dogs recently stayed for 3 nights. They haven’t boarded in over 3 years and I was extremely nervous. My dogs are older and don’t want to play much but needed a safe place to stay. Today at pick up Maximus didn’t want to leave. He is 14 and super sleepy most of his days but he was so happy here I almost felt bad taking him home. Our youngest dog has come for daycare and has boarded a time or two but this was the longest. I texted the employees and got an update and they sent me a picture of my dog sleeping happily. What a great experience overall. " This was my review of BrightDogs. We recently took a day off which was precede

Big and Little, we see the difference

Suddenly I see more small dogs at BrightDogs then before. No, there really aren't MORE so to speak, but they are more outgoing, confident and proud to stand up for themselves. Typically, dog parks (outdoor) and training facilities separate dogs by size. We choose not to do so, we feel it is better to allow the dogs to separate themselves by their energy level. We have moved dogs, or rotated them by energy and temperament when needed. We will intervene if we see a smaller dog being picked on, but (I know I say this A LOT) but just like kids, we like to let them try first. Sometimes the result is a life long friendship that we couldn't predict - if we just BASED ON SIZE. Those small dogs

The views in this blog are my own.  If a source was used, it will be cited. Otherwise its all my opinions.

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