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Spring brings new ideas

Apparently being trapped in the house for hours on end makes me complacent. Yesterday we spent some time walking through one of the many preserves in our area. While walking we started talking about what dogs like. Always talking about our business is a necessary evil when you are a small business owning family. Here were our conclusions:

1. Dogs like to be challenged. - Not defeated, but challenged so that they have a chance to try.

2. Dogs LOVE to sniff things. All things, good and gross.

3. Dogs love to be with people (most dogs, some could care less).

4. Dogs love working. Rufus refused to walk nice, until Lulu made it work. Then he was all over it.

5. Our dogs, those we take care of, #yourslikeours, deserve some new ideas!

So, we are launching some new things. Some new ideas, and expanding some of the services you have loved that can be added to a boarding stay or a day care visit.

Would your dog like Parkour, or a walk around the neighborhood? How about a training session for your puppy or dog who is having trouble walking on a leash? Day training classes and the offer of private times will be available beginning March 5th!

I hope you are excited about these ideas - because we sure are! Enjoy your week! We are getting ready for BrightDogs to get even better. #yourslikeours

Rufus works for Lulu.

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