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Need a Little Help From Our Friends

Tequilla Monster

When I was 20 something I lived alone, for the first time ever, in the big city of Chicago. My apartment was 400 square feet- total. That included the bathroom, closet and the kitchen. It was lonely. I came home from a stressful new job to a lonely little apartment and listened to the silence that was this 'new life'. Someone suggested I check out Anti-Cruelty on my way home from work to see about a cat. Seemed like a great idea, so I did and I found what would be my most loyal friend for the next 17 years. My grandmother went with me to pick her up and she also assisted in the fee for my new little baby, Tequilla Monster, a pitch black kitten with major attitude. Tequi was my constant companion. But there were times it was tough. Lucky for me, cat food was cheap.

So why do people give up their pets? Money is something that comes up. Expensive vet bills, vaccinations, food, supplies; it all adds up. The thought that people who have money issues "shouldn't own pets if they can't afford them" really irritates me. I mean, I could afford the bag of food, but sometimes times were tight and I could have used a little extra help.

Fast forward to today. I own many pets, and when I go to the store the sticker shock of food and supplies is crazy. I can only imagine how devastating it would be if something came up and feeding my pets was low on the priority list. We hear the sad stories of people who choose to feed their dogs over themselves, or people who are homeless and their dog is their companion, but they rely on the help of others to help them. This got all of us at BrightDogs thinking.

So here it is: We are opening BrightDogs Pet Pantry (BDPP)! It will be available to those in Will County who need assistance for feeding or caring for their pets. We will have dog and cat food, cat litter, some blankets or bedding for dogs and if possible leashes and collars. You will have to register and give us some information but we hope that by doing so, we can help those who are faced with some difficult times, give them a helping hand. So if you are able, we will be accepting donations for the BDPP. The Pantry will be at 3109 Theodore street and will have hours of operation beginning June 1st. We will be accepting donations at our location beginning next week and also at the Paws On 66 event downtown Joliet, June 9th from 11am to 3pm! Dogs are welcome and it is a fantastic event! We hope to see you there! And show love for your neighbor and their pet! #Yourslikeours and #Oursliketheirs Always!

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