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BrightDogs Training Programs

BrightDogs offers several options for training and our small class size allows for personalized training.  We don't just cover Sit, Stay and Heel, we work with behavior modification and understanding your dogs body language. We speak dog!  We only use positive reinforcement for training.  

Basic Obedience - Using basic commands to train your dog.  Understanding your dogs body language and working with them so you have a well behaved dog and you are a happy owner!

Intermediate Obedience - Taking basic skills and enhancing them to work with distractions.  Loose leash walking, reducing reactive behavior and distraction training.

Training Foundation101

This small group session will allow you to work with your dog one on one and develop better management of behaviors.   Building your dogs confidence is key to establishing a well behaved dog.  It's time to refocus your efforts and let us help you set the foundation for a great working relationship with your dog. Learn about body language of dogs, approaching a dog, leash rules and more. 
This class is NOT for reactive dogs.

Private training- When your dog has behaviors that require one on one training, or to work without other dogs present, we offer private one on one training time.  We will focus on behavior modification and reducing your dogs stress while learning.  Call to schedule an evaluation for private training.  An evaluation will give us a starting point to give you a path for training.  Call 815-823-9279.

Get ready for CGC - Does your dog have what it takes to be a Canine Good Citizen?  Let us help you find out in this class series that covers the requirements for the CGC Evaluation.  When you complete the course, we can provide a testing date!  Initial Evaluation is required prior to this course.  

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We offer several workshops based on requests from our clients - have something you are interested in?  Feel free to message us on Facebook or email us some suggestions for classes you would like to attend in the future!

**We may recommend an evalaution prior to enrolling in a class if you have expressed that your dog is having issues. ** 

We recommend that puppies be at least 12 weeks old with 3 rounds of puppy shots completed    Rescue dogs who are older than 12 weeks should have been with you for at least 2 weeks post adoption to ensure their health and comfort level with the handler.  

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