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Fixing the Holes!

It’s not often you’re given the opportunity to pause life in its tracks, fix all the holes and broken things and re-set. If you do get the opportunity it’s usually at a pretty crappy price. Like a baseball sized (of course!) tumor in your colon. As many of you knew, I hadn’t been feeling well for about… the past year. In July I FINALLY decided to ask a Dr. why I was too weak to make it through a four hour shift but I already knew the answer. Many of your dogs knew too and I knew that. I’d told them to shush or not look at me the way they were.

You can’t lie to a dog.

I’ve had the opportunity the past two weeks to just lie there and take a full accounting of everything including BrightDogs.

I could never thank people enough for what they’ve done for my family and me the past two weeks; the well wishes, texts, the food, motivation!

Thank you to the BrightDogs staff, Sam, Sarah, Liv and Rachel for riding this out with us and for your hard work.

Thank you to Sandy Seddon, my first stroke of good luck in 2022, for your selflessness and spirit and your leadership. You’re the reason I know we’re going to be better than ever.

Thank you to all who checked in and sent well wishes. I hope to see at least some of you next week where we re-open but that’s not up to me.

Meanwhile, we’re going to be busy making things better than ever. I’d like to fix as many holes as I can wherever I can over the next few months. I’ve never been more motivated to make things the best I can- that includes BrightDogs. We’re revamping everything top to bottom to give your dogs the best care possible and we’ll keep you up to date on these changes.


Side Note from Diana

When BrightDogs first started we knew it would be life changing, but we did not know how much #Yourslikeours would mean to us. Thank you from our entire family for everything during this crazy time in our lives. And for the good news: Kyle will have a full recovery, without Chemotherapy! The amazing surgeons and doctors are confident that all of the cancer was removed. He will have to continue to be proactive in his medical care but I don't think that will be an issue. Peace and Love from all us at BrightDogs!


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