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Dancer or Sitter?

During our time off last week, Kyle recuperated from surgery, we cleaned some walls, fans, windows, did a lot of laundry and I read. I just sat around and read (Totally not true). But I did read some fascinating articles about dogs and dog behavior. Of course, I want to share with you my favorite. Many people ask "What does my dog do all day?" our answer is pretty easy - "Whatever they want". I finally found a great analogy. Are you a sitter or dancer? Picture if you can a dog wedding. There are dogs who want to dance the whole night away - never leave the dance floor, find a partner for every slow song and a group for every fast one. They know how to waltz, and polka and they can ch

The views in this blog are my own.  If a source was used, it will be cited. Otherwise its all my opinions.

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