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It's not only about the dogs

In the morning we review the schedule of dogs that are coming in for the day. We see the familiar names, and the new ones co-mingling on the screen. But sometimes, there is one or two missing. Familiar faces that were there two or three times per week for the last few months, or longer, that aren't showing on our schedule. We tuck the information away and then we wonder. And then, because I am human and I love people AND animals, I worry.

First, I worry that we did something to offend or upset someone. Second, I worry that people decided that there dog didn't need day care or play time and stopped coming (they do!). Third, I worry about the dogs health. Finally, I am concerned for the human, our client. See we love the dogs. We dote on the dogs. But at the end of each day when you come in to pick up your dog, we love to see you!

I love to hear about your kids, your schedules, weddings, vacations and I am a willing counselor when things are tough or someone is sick. The reason you bring us your best friend on the planet can be as simple as work. Or as complicated as taking care of a sick relative. So when you don't come in and we don't see you (and your dog) we worry. So if you ever get a text asking if everything is okay, don't think it's for any other reason than we miss you and your dog!

A great example was the summer that a 3 day a week visitor disappeared. We knew the wife was a teacher, but seriously, they fell off the earth. I couldn't take it. I had to know - did something happen? So I did it. I called. And it turned out that the dog was diagnosed Heartworm positive. We were sad to learn he was sick, but more we were thrilled to know HE WAS OKAY! Oh and he got a puppy at the end of his treatment, so he had a friend at home. Then we got 2 dudes for a few days a week.

So to all of our regulars - and those potentially new regulars - a quick text to let us know you won't be there is cool. And if we send you one, it's because we miss you. Oh, and your dog.


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