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Time for some changes

I know. It seems that we have redone the lobby a few times.

Baby Barnes

I said something to a customer about this and her response was comforting. She said simply "you are growing". We are. And with that comes growing pains. We are always concerned our changes will appear that we are unorganized, but to be truthful that is usually what drives us to make changes. Needing more room for our clients to have room to move around. Having more room for boarding customers during peak times was important. So we changed things up over the holidays. Then it was time for an influx of play customers for the colder days, so w

e moved forms to the front and stopped doing assessments for a time. Well, that's over. So now we need to review.

Thanks for growing with us. It means the world to us. And so do your dogs. #yourslikeours - we really mean that!

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