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Saturday at the Park:Just for Dogs

Saturdays used to be the dull day. The day when a few new dogs came to play and check out the place. The day when it was a little boring to hang out and we would do some cleaning. So we added some playtime to make it more "busy". Well, careful what you wish for. Last weekend we had to turn some people away from open play due to the amount of dogs on the floor. We have a limit. I know, you are thinking, what is your limit? It seems like many more dogs are on the floor during the week. So here's how it breaks down. We can have many dogs on the floor and only have one or two handlers. It's not the dogs that are the issue, it's their owners. Having extra humans on the floor with the dog

February, the longest short month

We started January off with a bang for training! Three classes filled within days of posting them. Our Parkour class had a few new members. Basic Obedience was going great. Then the Week of Horrible weather hit! We will not be deterred! We will have class! My kids were stranded at home for a week. Classes were cancelled due to snow, then cold, then snow again. So were our training classes. But don't let the winter weather deter you! This is a great time of year to get in a training class, or try something new like Parkour. We find that the time spent indoors can lead to impromptu training session for you and your dog. Working on new training tips, or tricks is a great way to make

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