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On November 14th we celebrated 4 years after signing the lease at 3105 Theodore Street. It was the scariest day, as we basically said this:

"Make a place that we would be comfortable taking our dogs to. Provide structure, playtime, manners and lots of love to other peoples dogs while they went about their days. We would treat all of #yourslikeours."

I didn't add that I would take 19,000 pictures, fall in love with new breeds, meet so many people that would impact not only my life but that of my family and my kids, I would get into rescue, foster (and fail), lose one of our own, cry over dogs moving, or passing away and basically give up everything we ever knew to this new life of ours. Has it been easy? No. We don't take many vacations, we work 7 days a week, we work sick, we brave the weather no matter what (except for the polar vortex day). And we get old! But I wouldn't trade it for the world! The staff has become our family, the customers our friends. We get to interact with dogs from the time they are puppies and help shape and mold them into the dogs they will become. We get to see the older ones gracefully age out of full time daycare. We lose sleep over a dog not feeling well - and we celebrate the triumphs of a dog passing it's Canine Good Citizen test!

This is our life. And On December 21st, when we celebrate the opening of our doors 4 years ago, we will look back on everything we have learned and we will try to make it better. This business is a living,breathing thing. Just like the dogs. And we will never forget that.

Thank you. From the bottom of our hearts. Everything we have become, is because you make us want to be better everyday.

Ready to start YEAR 5!

Love and puppy kisses,

Diana, Kyle and the entire BrightDogs Crew!

Some pictures through the years!

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