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Dancer or Sitter?

During our time off last week, Kyle recuperated from surgery, we cleaned some walls, fans, windows, did a lot of laundry and I read. I just sat around and read (Totally not true). But I did read some fascinating articles about dogs and dog behavior. Of course, I want to share with you my favorite. Many people ask "What does my dog do all day?" our answer is pretty easy - "Whatever they want".

I finally found a great analogy. Are you a sitter or dancer? Picture if you can a dog wedding. There are dogs who want to dance the whole night away - never leave the dance floor, find a partner for every slow song and a group for every fast one. They know how to waltz, and polka and they can cha cha slide with Aunt Sophie. (This might be a good description of me....). And then there are the sitters. They bounce with the music, nurse their drink, mingle amongst the tables and love to watch the dancers. They might mock or ridicule - but it's all in good fun. They love the dancers, without them there wouldn't be anything to watch. There are the fringe folks - too old to dance, and want to leave asap, the younger ones who fall asleep under the table and watch the shoes of everyone walk past and finally - those who showed because they were forced and really do not want to be there.

That is how daycare works. Some are dancers and are there to party. Some are sitters and are pleased to watch. Some are boarding and really would be okay going back to bed, after a few songs. And some are there to make someone else happy. All in all, they all are there to do their part. And we love every single one of them. So if your dog is the sitter somedays, that's okay - maybe they didn't know the couple very well - or didn't feel like a wedding today. And when your dog is the dancer, we all cha cha real smooth!


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