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Big and Little, we see the difference

Suddenly I see more small dogs at BrightDogs then before. No, there really aren't MORE so to speak, but they are more outgoing, confident and proud to stand up for themselves. Typically, dog parks (outdoor) and training facilities separate dogs by size. We choose not to do so, we feel it is better to allow the dogs to separate themselves by their energy level. We have moved dogs, or rotated them by energy and temperament when needed. We will intervene if we see a smaller dog being picked on, but (I know I say this A LOT) but just like kids, we like to let them try first. Sometimes the result is a life long friendship that we couldn't predict - if we just BASED ON SIZE.

Those small dogs who came in a little nervous, or even worse, less confident, have been allowed to put on their big bark and play with everyone. I personally love to see the difference in the little guys who were shy when they started with us at day care. Even under socialized dogs seem to gravitate to the smaller, more confident dogs. They are "SAFE". So the little guys wind up giving bigger dogs some confidence and a run for their money. Some of our smaller dogs play better with bigger dogs, some of them find the bigger and see the better! Yes, there are some things we have to pay special attention to, like littles running under bigs, but I wouldn't change it for anything. So if you have a little and thought twice about sending them to day care - please check out our photos. You will see Bigs and Littles - together.

For the record, I should also mention Puppies and bigger, older dogs together. That life lesson of hanging out with the old guys - well that goes without saying. The amount of wisdom and manners that an older dog can teach a young pup is indescribable. So, if you get the chance to let a puppy hang with an older wiser dog, take it. Keep an eye on the older dog and don't let them get overwhelmed by the puppy. We, ahem, I mean dogs, can learn so much from the older guys. Don't discount that relationship. It may be the most rewarding experience for both of them!

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