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Reviewing yourself

Max the morning we brought him home from boarding

"I haven’t written a review before now but I have to today. My 3 dogs recently stayed for 3 nights. They haven’t boarded in over 3 years and I was extremely nervous. My dogs are older and don’t want to play much but needed a safe place to stay. Today at pick up Maximus didn’t want to leave. He is 14 and super sleepy most of his days but he was so happy here I almost felt bad taking him home. Our youngest dog has come for daycare and has boarded a time or two but this was the longest. I texted the employees and got an update and they sent me a picture of my dog sleeping happily. What a great experience overall. "

This was my review of BrightDogs. We recently took a day off which was preceded by a day we were closed, so we actually had 2 days off. It's the first time in 16 months we took some time off. So we were stressing. The worst part was our own dogs. Our old boys don't come to the park much. They sleep through most of the day and don't really like when younger dogs mess with them. Max's health has been declining for a bit and we worry about him daily. So making plans to go away for the weekend suddenly became a case of "what do we do with the boys?"


PLEASE do not let that escape you. I am a mom to our 3 pups, just like you love your dogs, I love your dogs, but I worry about my dogs all the time too! The fear of leaving my babies anywhere was really stressing me out! I knew Rufus would be okay, but Max and Barnes, I don't know, make me nervous these days. What if another dog bothered them, what if they weren't happy in the kennels, I mean they live on a couch most of their day, cozy on the deck outside...But we did it. We left those precious babies in the care of Kristen and Shannon (Who I only texted once or twice) and we went away for the weekend. And we had a blast. And we came back to 3 happy dogs. Please don't stress when they stay with us. Please don't worry (like I did). Please know that we worry about your dogs as much as you do and as much as we worry about our own pets. We love #Yourslikeours and we have the texts to prove it! A very special thank you to Kristen and Shannon for taking care of #Yourslikeours and #Oursliketheirs. I can't express what it meant to us!

Still showing signs of BrightDogs

Thanks to Kristen and Shannon for making this all possible!

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