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2018 Recap

When you start a business you have expectations. You have a vision for what you want and you (usually) have a path to get there. Sometimes the best laid plans go awry. Sometimes you don't plan for what is happening but what you wanted to happen.

This business we are in, the business of dogs, is an ever changing, ever evolving, breathing entity. Try as we might, we cannot always prepare for what each day will bring. I'm not going to lie, that makes it a very exciting and invigorating career choice. But it also makes it tough to prepare and plan each day.

We are in a growing phase ALWAYS. Which is great and allows us to make changes to our day to day process. We recently added a new software program to help us with reservtions. We heard you when you told us that it was frustrating to make appointments and we also knew that it needed to be changed.

Kennel Geek allows us to track your packages, approve reservations in real time, send text messages from the system so that they are saved for future reference and do daily check in and check out so we can accurately track attendance.

We doubled our outdoor space, enclosed our front gate to make a double gate system for the safety of dogs coming and going, we added some classes, some new add on services for our boarders, Canine Massage therapy and a new staff person. We are growing. And we have you to thank for it.

Your referrals have been awesome. From FaceBook posts, to our reviews, to voting us Number One in Will County; you are our biggest advertisers! And we just wanted to say Thank You.

We are growing more!

Don't let this post fool you. We have big plans for 2019. Keep your eyes open. Check out some of our seminars and classes. Tell your friends and family about us. The more the merrier and the more #Yourslikeours the better!

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