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Just Like Kids

Many people ask why we do assessments. The answer is usually so that we can see the dog in our environment and see how they will do. We also take the opportunity to see how the dog like us as humans. This is obviously important since they will also be spending time with us as well. We take the time pet and talk to the dog. We do a full body touch test, which allows us to be sure that there are no areas of your dog that he/she doesn't like to be touched. This is key when dealing with dogs in a social situation. If your dog doesn't like his ears being touched, we want to avoid that, not only by us, but by other dogs as well. We always want a positive experience for every dog. We also want to show you how we will take care of your dog!

Try as we might to have all dogs get along, occasionally we have dogs that do not. It happens, and when it does we deal with it. We either re-direct the play, rotate dogs on the floor, or in worst case scenarios dismiss the dog that doesn't get along with others. Much like people, sometimes someone just doesn't fit in. And that is ok!

Sometimes dogs get along too well - and they love to wrestle and rumble with their friends. When that happens, sometimes someone gets too rough and someone can get injured. We watch them, we see them playing, we see them getting rough and we separate them. But dogs, like kids, can be sneaky and they want to play with their friend so they ...go outside and find their friend and start playing, and it gets rough and someone gets hurt. And we missed it. This happens in my house too. If you have kids, it may have happened at your house. At home, we even forego bandaids and brush them off and tell them to go play, just BE MORE CAREFUL! But dogs don't get that. They keep going and we may not catch an injury. If we see limping or blood, we deal with it quickly and efficiently (have I mentioned our first aid training?). If it warrants a phone call, we will call you. If we think it's superficial and they can take a break and be fine, we will do that too. We ALWAYS tell you if your dog gets hurt - if we see it happen or know what happened- but we admit sometimes we don't see it. We will also tell you if your dog has increased or decreased urine, poop or hunger. We will also let you know that your dog is sleepy or seems overwhelmed at daycare. We have kids, we treat #Yourslikeours like our KIDS! So if we missed it, we apologize. If it is something that needs to be addressed, by all means give me a call.

Just for a giggle, this morning we went Sams club. My kids went to get cereal. One comes back crying. Pretty simple task so I saw no need for tears - but apparently one went to throw the GIANT box of cereal and the other didn't see it coming and got hit in the face. They were gone for 2 minutes. TOPS! Such is life as a mom. DogMom or Kid Mom - we really are one in the same. #Yourslikeours kids and dogs.

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