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I'm Sorry, that's personal

Ahh, a long weekend. It was nice, wasn't it. Ours was marred by one thing. A bizarre phone call with someone asking for information about a dog. The dog has been to our facility a few times. We like the dog well enough. This person was NOT the owner of the dog. It was not a person listed on the owners list of people we could give her dog to. This person basically just called "to get some info". Well. It doesn't work that way. This isn't our first phone call like this, so we have a response practiced. "We are sorry but we do not divulge any information about our customers; dogs or their humans." That's usually the end of the conversation.

So this is just a note to all of you who use our services. We will never give information out about you, your dog or anything else. If someone comes in to pick up a dog that we do not recognize, we may call or text you. We may pull up your info and see if this person is listed on your forms. We may remind you that if you intend on someone else picking up your dog, to give us their name. It's important to us for you to know that your information and your pet is safe and secure while they are in our care and anytime after.

If you have any questions regarding this, feel free to reach out to me personally at

#Yourslikeours: Because if it was our personal information, we would keep it just as safe!

Thanks, Diana & Kyle

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