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Back to School

As the summer just seemingly got started, the kids are going back to school! We have had our college student teacher here for the summer - Madison - she will be going back to school soon and Kristen, who has been with us for 3 years, leaves us in a few weeks to continue her education at University of Illinois. It's bittersweet and its gonna be down right tough. You have seen our kids running around the park - and they are a huge help to us - so bear with us for the month of August/September while we train the new kids and miss the ones who are leaving us! We don't pretend to be perfect at this - we are learning everyday. We try to do things one way, and if it does not work, we pivot, and try something new.

But that leads me to you and your dogs. We will be beginning new training sessions, and what a perfect time to get started with your dog. Not only does training give your dog skills and great behavior but it also is a great time to work with your dog on your relationship. We recently completed a basic class with our new puppy, Bexley. Actually our daughter did the class with her and I am not going to lie, I am a bit jealous at the relationship the two of them have formed. Bexley adores Lulu and looks to her for comfort and discipline. It's been inspiring to watch the relationship grow. So even though schedules are starting to get crazy with those going back to school, don't forget the furry ones need some time and attention too. They are able to come to day care and we reinforce what they learn in our classes every cahnce we get!

Hope your kids have fun going back to school and for all of the teachers, THANK YOU! We know your job is tough and we appreciate all that you do. Here's to new opportunities!

Here is the link to sign up for training:

Thanks for being part of the BrightDogs Family - It means more to us than you can understand! #Yourslikeours - Always!

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