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I'm not a chef

But I can play one at work! You may have noticed the additional things we added to our menu (haha) boarding stays. It all started with Thanksgiving and I felt bad about the boarding kids not having turkey dinner. So I made one. Many places do this for their boarding clients and I have always thought it was a cute idea. So I tried it. I made a turkey dinner for the dogs and it was AWESOME!

Thanksgiving Dinner

So then Christmas rolled around and I thought I would do it again. Again, AWESOME! The dogs loved it. So it's a regular thing now. I construct a menu (usually for the month) and on Thursday nights, I cook for the dogs.

Chicken diced and carrots are in!

If you are boarding for the month of March, we serve a homemade dinner every weekend of Diced poached chicken in broth with carrots and sweet potatoes. It's mixed with the dogs normal dry food and served warm.

Yep! Then I have dessert too. This month: Banana and peanut butter frozen treats with blueberries and coconut oil. They are shaped like muffins...You can also jsut have a Frozen pupcake at bedtime too!

Time to make the pupcakes

So if your dog is boarding with us, consider giving them a frozen treat or a homemade dinner. I will happily cook for them. #Yourslikeours from the Bright kitchen.

Dinners all ready to go!

Dinners are made!
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