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February, the longest short month

We started January off with a bang for training! Three classes filled within days of posting them. Our Parkour class had a few new members. Basic Obedience was going great. Then the Week of Horrible weather hit! We will not be deterred! We will have class!

Parkour Class

My kids were stranded at home for a week. Classes were cancelled due to snow, then cold, then snow again. So were our training classes. But don't let the winter weather deter you! This is a great time of year to get in a training class, or try something new like Parkour. We find that the time spent indoors can lead to impromptu training session for you and your dog. Working on new training tips, or tricks is a great way to make the most of bad weather outdoors.

Make dinner time an enrichment session. Make your time spent indoors worthwhile and and opportunity to spend quality time with your dog(s). Get the whole family involved. But when cabin fever strikes and your dog is getting a little bored, feel free to drop them off with us for a half day or full day of daycare. I can share the testimonials* from others guests that their dogs really appreciated their day of play and the owners appreciated a dog with a bit of their energy used.

My kids got on the bus this morning, and I cheered. Because the only thing worse than a bored, energetic dog who can't run off their energy, is 2 tweens stuck in the house for a week with NOTHING TO DO....

*"Thank you Kyle Bright and Diana Bright and Brightdogs for wearing my girl out! She has been sleeping since she got got home!!" Minnie Shown below

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