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But, why? FAQ's

March 21st was one of the scariest days of our lives. Our business was closed for an uncertain amount of time. Being a baby business (5 years and under) we didn't have a lot of cushion and we knew that if we remained closed, we were in trouble. We started each day in panic mode. We researched loan options with the federal funding that was becoming avaialble and contacted all of our vendors to ask for some relief. But we made the toughest decision yet, I was going to have to leave BDDP and work elsewhere. For the stability of our household and our kids, I had to go back to the corporate world. We had already told the staff that we may not need them for a while. But letting me go was, well, heartbreaking. So I am no longer able to come and help for the morning time, or run over if Kyle needs help. By far the hardest part of any job is saying goodbye to your co-workers and friends. And even though I will miss each person that I have come to know- I am going to miss your dogs. My Dogs. Because they became mine. My puppies who gnawed on me. My crazed teens who knocked me down running with their friends. My older babies who just wanted to hang with me in the sunshine and watch the donut people. And my seniors who still wagged each time they came to daycare. I will miss them like my own. Because they became mine. So wish me luck, because everyday is tougher than the one the day before. I will drop in, but it won't be like it was before. I will miss them. Because they are mine. Even though they are #Yourslikeours. They will always be mine. Please be kind when leaving messages - know that facebook messendger and texting is the best way to reach us. And we are still fielding what is comfortable for people on a daily basis. So change is inevitable as time goes by!

But this was the segway into some questions that keep being asked. So I wanted people to understand why some decisions were made. Here Goes:

Q: Is staff back?

A: YES!! Shannon, Kristen and Meghan are back. One of the only reasons we were able to expand back to 7am opening was with the staff coming back. But we aren't double scheduled all day. That's why drop off time is important!

Q: Do we still need to make reservations?

A: YES! This is extrememly important. The drop off time is super important to allow us to have the area cleaned, dogs moved around and someone there to take your dog from you. Reservations have always been required, we just didn't enforce it. We have to enforce it now due to staffing.

Q: Why no Saturday daycare?

A. The short answer is staffing. The longer answer is that is the best time for us to do training. In the course of cutting costs, we have closed our training space at 3109 and have to rely on our main space for training. Since I have left, I need to have Kyle home sometimes too, so evenings aren't the best option for him to do training. This may change in the future, but right now we cannot offer Saturday day care.

Q: Are you offering training?

A. Yes we are. Saturdays we have a new schedule (phase 4 friendly) We have private sessions, evaluations for behavior issues and small group classes. They are listed under the training tab on the website.

Q: Are you Boarding?

A: Yep, we never stopped. Just note that Saturday drop off and pick up is 8-10am and 5-6pm.

Q: Are you taking new dogs?

A: Of course!! We have had a huge influx of puppies (thanks shelter at home!) and many adoptions

happened while people were home. Assessments are still required, but they are now a 2 hour drop off session. The cost of the assessment is $20.00

Got any other questions? Feel free to ask. Peace and Love and Puppy kisses!


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