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Happy Holidays

This time of year makes people nostalgic. We reminisce about past holidays, new years resolutions, friends and family that have passed and what we would change about our life if we won the lotto (wait, that's just me?)

I always spend time looking at pictures and what I have found, is I have a ton of pictures of dogs. Your dogs. I have a handful of my pets, and my kids, but most of my photos are of dogs that aren't mine. We try to post pics on a daily basis, that doesn't always happened, but I still take them. Every Day!

So I have pictures of your dogs for as long as they have been coming to BrightDogs. I have puppy photos, goofy photos, pictures of them with us and our staff, pictures of dogs who miss their owners while boarding, and pictures of dogs who were so unsure when they started coming to us and now are part of #Yourslikeours. They are yours and they are ours. We appreciate every single one of you for allowing us into the hearts of your dogs. They truly are #Yourslikeours. We love yours like they are ours and that means the world to us.

Have a Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year. May 2019 bring us more silly, goofy dogs and more friends like all of you are!

Peace and Love,

Kyle, Diana, Lulu, Jack, Kristen and Shannon

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