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As many of you know, we foster for a rescue whenever we are able to. It is difficult to balance a 7 day work week, 2 kids, our own pets and a house and add in some extra houseguests, but we try. So this weekend we welcomed 3 babies into our home for a little staycation for them. They will be vetted and onto their new homes soon but while they stay with us they will be spoiled and cuddled by all of us. I know people always ask "don't you want to keep them all?" Nope, we all know they are here for a short time, we are a stepping stone before their permanent home, but while they are with us its a really party at our house.

If you have ever considered fostering, please do! It's fun to see new pups on a regular basis. You can meet new breeds you may have never imagined you would like, take on a puppy for a short, but crazy, time or maybe a senior who may be with you a little longer. Feel free to inquire on rescues that offer foster based care. It's A very rewarding experience for the whole family!

The pups pictured are from Rescue Warriors Corp and are available for adoption on their website!

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