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New Year Resolutions

If training your dog is on your resolutions list this year, what are you waiting for? Sign up today. Check out our website for the links to the classes

If getting more active with your dog is on the list, have you thought about indoor dog park? Come and play with your dog with other dogs around.

Or maybe Parkour is the answer. What is parkour you ask?

Parkour, also known as “urban agility” is a great sport to boost confidence, build strength and strengthen your relationship. Parkour is a challenging, but fun activity to do with your dog. It includes, jumping, climbing, and balancing. All dogs can participate in some form of Parkour.

This awesome workshop looks at an agility style course and allows you and your dog to work at your pace. Great activity that will transition to the outside when it warms up!

Boarding books up. So beginning January 15th - all boarding reservations will require a deposit of $50.00. If you have to cancel your boarding you will have a credit on your account.

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