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Newsletter for the week of October 16th

October 16th , 2017

Dog of the week:

Rufus – You must appreciate the Buddha on the floor. The park was created for him and as we celebrate our Grand Opening of the training center, it seemed only fair to honor him!

Owners: All of you and Us too!

Quick News

Plan Ahead: Halloween Party Sunday October 29th from 9-11am $10.00 per dog! Costume contest and prizes will be awarded!

Come to our grand opening party! Family fun, food, presentations of new offerings for your dog and PLAY TIME! Get tickets on our Facebook Page October 22nd from 11am-4pm Dogs will be leashed unless on the floor for scheduled playtime.

New Classes are starting October Still want to join the Night Class! Give us a call and we can set up a make up class from week 1!

New Class registration. Small Day Class for Obedience has open registration! Only 30 minutes. Register and Join Us! Full Basic Classes start Thursday Oct. 12th at 6:15pm Register at

New Programs Available while your dog is here for day care or boarding

Stay and Learn – Enrichment activities offered for 20-minute increments

Stay and Train – Your dog will be taken to the training center for a 30-minute training session

Book for Boarding for the holidays NOW!


New classes forming for October! Check out for more info

Enrichment Corner

Basic training not enough? Need something more invigorating? Come see presentations on enrichment and our new offering Dog Parkour 101 at the Grand Opening of the training and enrichment center!!

Learning for you and your dog! Call me at 815-823-9279.

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