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Newsletter - week 3

Dog of the week:

Atticus – Atticus is known as the dog who greets everyone with his mouth! But did you know that he is a big foster brother to many puppies? His mom fostered him (and failed, thankfully) and now still fosters others. We refer to Atticus as the Ambassador to the Puppies.

Owner: Ashley

Quick News

PLAN AHEAD: Come to our grand re-opening party! Family fun, food, presentations of new offerings for your dog and PLAY TIME! Get tickets on our Facebook Page October 22nd from 11am-4pm Dogs will be leashed unless on the floor for scheduled playtime.

This week have a Leash Class on Wednesday at 5:30pm. Meet at Briese Park on Ingalls and Infantry for a “Walk in the Wild” or the street. This class is nice chance to get out and deal with distraction of the everyday world – with a trainer by your side.

New Classes are starting October New Class registration. Small Day Class for Obedience has open registration! Wednesday Afternoon October 4th at 1:30pm -short small class. Only 30 minutes. Register and Join Us! Full Basic Classes start Thursday Oct. 12th at 6:15pm Register at

Canine Enrichment Center is open – we would love the chance to offer your pet sometime in the Enrichment Center while they stay with us. Schedule a session for your dog while they are at day care or boarding.

What is Enrichment?

Enrichment is about supplying outlets for the dogs natural instincts/traits/abilities/needs. It does not require training to be enriching.

Book for Boarding for the holidays NOW!


New classes forming for October! Check out for more info

Enrichment Corner

Does your dog eat too fast? Place a can (large soup can) in the center of his bowl. This will slow him down. Or try scattering the food on the floor (or as we say in our house “let the kids feed them”). Foraging for food is important life skill.

Shown below is an example of a slow feeder bowl

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