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Training is good for everyone!

Recently we had the opportunity to go to a few training seminars. Kristen and I traveled to Denver for a 24 hour whirlwind tour! We attended a seminar given by Teena Patel on having a rewarding environment for every dog. Handling dogs much differently than most places, Doglando in Florida is based on positive experiences for your dog throughout the day. Creating a place where dogs are required to be well behaved and have manners at every junction. They still have issues, but less frequently.

Then Kyle had the chance to go to Indianapolis and train with a group from Paws & Play Daycare in Indianapolis and wow - what an adventure. Something that is very new to the dog world is Dog Parkour. Now you may have heard of Parkour in the human setting and may even be able to navigate the dog version, but we were surprised to learn that there are events with titling attached. The International Dog Parkour Association has specific requirements and with a few more weeks of training under his belt, Kyle can become a certified instructor. It is something new to us and pretty new to the dog world. It takes a whole new spin on training a dog that has robust amounts of energy. It requires patience and time and concentration for the dog and the trainer!

But what we were most excited about was to spend time with others that share their entire day with dogs. It's funny that we share stories about your dogs daily and with others, but so does everyone else who works in this industry. Poop stories, dogs that eat weird stuff at home, cone of shame and countless other stories come up. Then the sad ones. They told stories of lost dogs, lost owners, bad dogs, bad owners, dogs who moved and dogs who just didn't come anymore. It's not just a business. It's a lifestyle. Its a change from everything we once knew and we are now responsible for LIVES. I didn't worry that much about my co-workers at my old job (sorry guys but you could go potty alone). I didn't' stress when a client didn't come back. Now it's about lives. It's about your pets, your fur babies, (and ours) it's about making sure they are happy, healthy and well cared for.

It's about caring. All the time. Training is about caring. It's about us being better. It's about us changing up what we do so that you and your dog has a better experience. Is there something we could do to make your experience better?? We would love to talk to you!

It's always changing and it's about to get more exciting!

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