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What did you do today?

September 13, 2017

People often ask us what the dogs do each day.  Each day is different, based on the dogs that are in day care and boarding.  Some days the equipment is in the middle of the large floor, especially when we have "Lounging dogs" - Dogs that like to observe the floor and the outside from a perch. If the equipment isn't out, we may have "ball day" - for those dogs who love to chase the ball, catch the ball or chew on the ball.  Ball day usually has the gate open to the small room and the equipment moved in there for the loungers.  Bubbles are always fun and I use the fan to help blow them about the room.  You might not know that your dog is totally into bubbles, like "get the heck out of my way, I am gonna pop that one!" crazy about bubbles.  I have put the bubbles away, only to have a dog stare at me....and stare....and, you get the idea, so I blow more bubbles.  

Some dogs play hard!  They wrestle, run and rough and tumble with everyone who will engage with them.  Some find solitude in sitting in the door and watching the world go by.  Some we carry around.  Not for long but just to give them a view from above. A few will sit outside all day and huff the wind and bask in the sun.  

The most wonderful thing we see if dogs who are so excited to see their friends.  YES! they have friends here.  They adore each other and look forward to seeing each other.  We love when a dog hasn't seen a friend in a while and then BAM! Friend is IN THE HOUSE.  It's on!  We yell: "Dogs a runnin" which means bend your knees and watch yourself.  Running with abandon and shear joy is part of what makes our day.  They are happy.  Sometimes the friends are US!  We love stories of dogs who are excited to see us!  



YES - dogs do have to take a time out sometimes.  They nap.  They need to chill and relax too.  We love stories of dogs who go home and crash and are clearly worn out from their day at day care.  If your dog is in a kennel when you come to pick them up- don't fret!  We rotate dogs when they are tired, or when they need a break from the crowd.  Of course, some dogs don't get along.  If that happens, we adjust and rotate the dogs on the floor so that the ones who don't get along do not have to see each other.  You know just like people.  Sometimes scuffles happen, scratches happen, slobber happens.  It's part of the dogs life.  

Just be aware of your dog. Even if  they are still hyper when they get home, that doesn't always mean they need MORE stimulus.  Sometimes they are just excited to be home, to be with you, to tell you about their day.  So allow them to relax when they get home.  Don't keep adding stimulus as it will overload them and your dog will not be able to "come down".  Sometimes crating when you get home works.

Your dogs health and well being are very important to us and we want to see them and you happy.  For that reason we will always tell you what happens during their day.  We take our jobs and your dogs seriously!  

                We always treat #yourslikeours and ours are pretty darn special too!











Here is a great article on over-stimulation.  https://iheartdogs.com/4-signs-your-dog-is-overstimulated/





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