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I hate retractable leashes!

September 6, 2017

There.  I said it.  I hate them.  They are dangerous for you and your dog. If you want 25 feet in leash buy a 25 foot leash.  Retractables causes injuries to owners and pose a dangerous threat to the safety of your dog.  

Picture it: You are going down the block and you get to the corner - there are some bushes - your dog is currently 20 feet away from you on a wire and a another dog approaches.  This dog is not a friendly "give me a hug, hey hows it going" kind of dog - he is a "I AM GOING TO EAT YOUR FACE OFF"  kind of dog.  You have no recourse but to RUN at your dog (and the mean dog) to get your dog away from them.  You are now CLOSER to the mean dog, and your dog is trapped there.

Your dog panics and runs circles around you - causing that wire to bury itself into your ankles and while you try your hardest to pull your dog back, you are getting rope like burns on the palms of your hand. WHY??  

Use a lead that gives your dog enough room to sniff and explore, but not enough room to put you (and them)  in danger.  If you feel like your dog isn't getting enough freedom, consider a long lead in your yard.  A walk serves many purposes, but total freedom isn't one of them.  It's not because of you and your dog, but for the safety of others too.  Some dogs are on walks to train, some are exploring, some are working and some just don't like other dogs.  

So take the retractable and toss it and buy a nice safe leash.

....stepping off soap box to go and walk my dog (without a retractable leash).




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