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What is the BrightDogs Enrichment Center?

August 28, 2017


When we opened BrightDogs Dog Park we knew of the need for indoor activities for dogs.  Being dog owners ourselves, we struggled to find things for our dogs to do - safely.  Max would stay outside all day if allowed, but that worried me.  Rufus started doing training for nose work and parkour, but we didn't have a ton of time to do it.  Barnes - Well, he is a basset hound and he loves to eat.  That's it.  He isn't particularly excited to see other dogs but he loves people.

Fast forward to owning an indoor dog park and having your dogs be bored there. =(

So I started to look into other avenues - for older dogs, or for dogs who lacked confidence and needed a different outlet than play.  Romping is one way to wear your dog out.  Walks are too.  But sometimes it's not enough.  I learned that working the mind, creating challenges for your dog for everyday things and really finding out what makes them tick is the most rewarding for your dog.  So I started testing the idea.  And it worked!  I looked at everything in our home, in our neighborhood, and in our trash (I will explain that later) in a whole new light.  I had a new purpose for feeding time.  I started adding some things I learned to the day to day at the dog park and the dogs LOVED IT!  I felt so excited again.  I loved watching the dogs have a purpose and WORK.  

Now , I am not a DOG trainer (but I live with one) and I am not going to pretend to be.  What I am is a human trainer - I did that for 18 years.  And one thing I learned is people get bored with monotonous activities, so I had to learn to spice up computer training - not the easiest thing to do - and make it enjoyable.  So I want to train YOU!  How to make things enjoyable for your dog.  I want to show how mundane things like a water bottle can add a new level to your dogs daily activities.   How changing up dinner time can add a new level of excitement for your dog, and simple activities can boost your dogs brain power, ease boredom and give them a new level of excitement on a daily basis!

So check out the seminars that I will be hosting to see if there is an enrichment activity that appeals to you.  We will host events and seminars on a regular basis - or you can add enrichment for your dog when it is boarding or at day care!  

I am so excited to connect with you so that you can connect with your dog!  

See You Soon,



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