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September 17, 2020

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We rescue. You should too.

May 29, 2017

We recently learned that a pet store is opening in our neighboring town.  Now this shouldn't be such a big deal, except that we wanted to open in that town and the hoops that were presented made it impossible.  I mean they basically told us that we had to wait 2 months to see if we  passed after filling out a 150 page application, petitioning the city, going to the city council meetings and then STILL could be denied even after we opened.  But now - they allow a pet store to open.  Not just any pet store. This pet store was recently closed by our town.  SO they not only moved, but they changed their name.  I find that odd.  If you google Petland Lawsuits, the search is insane.  Claims of sick dogs, puppy mill illnesses, and general mistreatment of the puppies are by the dozens.  Dogs costing thousands of dollars only to have thousands more spent on medical care.  Puppies dying days after being purchased - why - because the shock to their system after their first 3 months of life were in captivity and now they aren't.  Its terrifying for them.  Their little systems shut down - any parasites take over while they are weak and they get sick and die.  

Puppy mills are not a myth.  They are not a story told to make people feel bad.  They are dogs living in my house!  They are dogs who are so afraid of light, outside, hands touching them, people walking past them that they scurry to run away and hide.  They plaster themselves in their crates and against walls to avoid a human in such a way that they will yelp if we reach out.  It's heartbreaking.  I have now seen first hand what a puppy mill mom looks like.  She is  over-bred and under loved.  She was a commodity, not a pet.  She is a bitch.  She is someones bitch.  To be bred when she goes into every heat.  And for the breeds that it's difficult to mate - no worries, they artificially inseminate those.  And not with kind hands and warm hugs.  They surgerize animals without any training and without anesthetic most times.  And they euthanize the dogs when they are done with them.  Or they sell them at auction.  And that is how we got Patty and Mimi and the dozens of others who have been rescued.  When we get them we work with them to teach them love and comfort.  Some are so accepting and so excited for the kindness, they melt and become amazing pets.  Some are tougher.  Patty is tough, but her babies are learning from our kind and gentle holds, and kisses on their noses,  Patty watches us closely and she takes it all in.  She was held yesterday.  First time since the babies were born and only the third time since she came here .  Every time my heart aches knowing she is so petrified of me she spends her time trying to figure out if we are going to hurt her,  

So today, I implore you, Rescue!  Do not purchase from pet stores.  Do not fund an industry that is so despicable and disturbing that it makes you physically ill to see and hold the dogs that come out of there.  If you saw (or smelled) some of them, you would never consider purchasing that puppy!  If you want to rescue and are unsure where or who to talk to, call us!  We work with several rescues now.  They do get specific breeds and they do work together for the greater good of the dogs.  So please, please do not purchase and support the pet stores.  #yourslikeours  Forever.  

Maximus - Age 12 rescued from Magnificent Mutts

 Rufus - age 6 rescued from HART

 Barnes - age 8 rescued from Guardian Angel Basset Rescue



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